A New Look For Littles, Love and Sunshine!

  • 07 September, 2017
A New Look For Littles, Love and Sunshine!

So, I may have taken the summer off, but my little blog certainly didn’t. My little blog has been working rather hard in fact – or I should say, some wonderfully clever creative people have been working rather hard, and the result is this pretty new look for Littles, Love and Sunshine.

I’ve loved every moment of creating this blog and writing again for the first time in years – from day one it’s given me so much. So about a year after starting it I felt like it deserved something back – a look of its own.

To help me with this I approached my oldest friend in the whole world, Lisa Shapiro, who happens to run her own design business, Victory Studios, and asked her to design me a logo. Our subsequent conversations opened the floodgates of creativity (mostly hers) and practicality (also hers), and what had started off as a “simple” logo design became an overhaul of the entire site.

Coming from a magazine background, I really wanted readers to feel a comfortable sort of familiarity when visiting the blog. Now the content is more easily accessible, and the three categories my stories tend to fall into have their own thudmnail-style sections accessible from the navigation bar: Life with Littles, Things I Love and In Search of Sunshine.

The three featured stories at the top of the homepage will vary from time to time, and links to other stories that may interest you are dotted around the site.

Also, I now have a link for readers to subscribe to my new monthly newsletter, also designed by Lisa. Please go ahead and click on Sunshine For Your Inbox and subscribe now, so you never miss out on a new blog post.

As with all things blogging, this project been a learning curve and it has got me asking questions of myself which is so refreshing. I’ve alway had so much respect for the creatives who take ideas and make them look beautiful, and this process has only cemented that. Thank you Lisa – this redesign has been a labour of love between old friends, and what could be lovelier than that?

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories about motherhood and other lovely things on the brand new site. Thanks for being with me on the journey so far!

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