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Favourite Things for September

September has been a month of pleasant surprises and lucky breaks. Just four weeks ago we travelled “home” to the Bahamas after a month in the UK (don’t even get me started on what or where “home” is!), to find that paradise is even lovelier than I remembered and it was, indeed, lovely to be back. One forgets after time away how laid back island life is – and how good an end-of-the-day gin & tonic tastes as the sun sinks into the blue Bahamas sea.

It has been great to see the familiar faces who have become good friends over...

Favourite Things for March

Some weeks are just longer than others, aren’t they? I’ve had one of those this week. One of the ones where you start seeing red by 3pm and you’re clock watching by 4. Where more than two consecutive hours of sleep eluded me on several nights and the wine fridge was opened more often than I’m proud of.

But next week is a new month, so I plan to press the reset button and – as I say to my daughter – adjust my attitude. In the mean time, here are a few of my favourite things for March.


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