Favourite Things for September

  • 29 September, 2017
Favourite Things for September

September has been a month of pleasant surprises and lucky breaks. Just four weeks ago we travelled “home” to the Bahamas after a month in the UK (don’t even get me started on what or where “home” is!), to find that paradise is even lovelier than I remembered and it was, indeed, lovely to be back. One forgets after time away how laid back island life is – and how good an end-of-the-day gin & tonic tastes as the sun sinks into the blue Bahamas sea.

It has been great to see the familiar faces who have become good friends over the last year, and to welcome new arrivals – new friends – to our little community here. Back to school is always a bitter-sweet fresh new page and a big milestone no matter what grade your child is going to; for us it has been interesting to watch her find her place in her new routine, with new classmates and challenges.

Here in Nassau we’ve had a massively lucky escape from two major hurricanes this month – Irma and Maria. Although the season isn’t overyet, it’s easier to relax now that the days are ticking by and another major tropical system becomes less likely. But I can’t stop thinking about the many many people living on the islands who weren’t so lucky. If you’d like to donate to Hurricane Relief , you can find lots of information on how to do so here.

With my post-hurricane appreciation of the good things in life, here are some of the other things I’ve been up to this month…


The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

I still do not know how to pronounce this word, but for people like me who can’t live without table lamps and candle light, I love that it gives that feeling we can’t quite put our finger on a name. Hygge is a Danish concept, and means “cosiness of the soul”, or “taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things”. This book has been a lovely read as it has reminded me that, although my house often looks like a sea of toys and other kid paraphernalia, my constant quest to to create a space around me that makes me feel good isn’t a fool’s errand. As author Meik Wiking says, you know Hygge when you see it. And as the Danish are considered to be the happiest people in the world, I think they must be onto something. Explaining what it is to one’s husband is an altogether different matter though… Perhaps I’ll pass the book over when I finish it.


Ozark, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

We devoured this series in a week long Netflix marathon – the moment the kids were asleep this is what we were doing. It has been my favourite “good-guy-gone-questionable” story since Breaking Bad. Can’t wait for season 2.

Listening to…

DAIS, the new podcast by Rachel Hollis. Have you ever watched Rachel’s live streams on Facebook, followed her in Instagram stories or checked out her lifestyle website, The Chic Site? I’ve been a little bit crazy about Rachel since coming across her about a year ago – her straight-talking, motivational upliftment of the women she calls her “tribe” is so inspiring, and fun to be a part of. The idea that there’s room for all of us and we would all be better for lifting one another up is as good a philosophy to live by as any, I think. I’ve signed up for her #last90days challenge starting on 2 October – who’s with me?

Dancing in my kitchen to…

My Bose Wireless Speaker. I’ve always been the dorkiest of dorky country music fans, and #sorrynotsorry, I’m feeling the love even more since discovering the “For You” function on Apple Music. What can I say? As Oprah said, Country is the new soul music.


This Shrimp Cerviche recipe. You’re welcome.


I’ve entered a 10K race in November! There. It’s on paper. There’s no turning back. I’m just getting started with my training but I hope to get to a point where I will not just finish it, but enjoy it as well. Watch this space.

And so September, one of my favourite months of the year in both hemispheres, is coming to a close. I hope it’s been a good one for you too.



PS – this post contains some affiliate links. I only ever recommend things I’ve bought myself.

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