Talking Shoes…

  • 15 June, 2016
Talking Shoes…

Our European Summer is taking its sweet time to get going this year… It’s the middle of June and the thermometer is hovering somewhere around 17 degrees with silly statistics on rainfall, and my closet full of summer dresses is screaming out to be worn – having been abandoned last summer in favour of maternity clothes. But as far as I can tell there’s a small silver lining to the long wait for the sunshine and that’s that this year’s hottest trend in footwear, The Loafer, is getting plenty of mileage.

Oh how do we love the loafer? Beautiful but functional, flat but pretty, smart but feminine, and when paired with a pair of ankle grazing denims you can dress them down with a vest or up with a crisp white shirt… As you can see I’ve been a bit obsessed with this trend this season and admit I’ve spent an unhealthy number of late-night minutes coveting a certain pair costing north of £300 on Pinterest (just looking, of course!). Stylish, colourful and (most vital of all since I became a mum and could no longer indulge in impractical footwear), comfy – what’s not to love?

I’ve picked out a few of my favourites (details in the captions) – I’ve recently added one or two of these to my wardrobe, and if the medium term forecast is to be believed, I’m going to be getting lots more wear out of them.

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