Something for the Weekend

  • 23 July, 2016
Something for the Weekend
  • So, this week I have mostly been discovering the joys of jet lag with two small children, and ferociously reading up on ways to get over it (Too late! she cries…). Five days after our East to West relocation, I think we’re getting there, but who knows what tonight holds… One of the many things my second baby has taught me is that “well rested” is an extremely relative term.

  • I’ve also been reminding myself (and then reminding myself again) of my own advice about uprooting a life and moving to a new place. There’s nothing quite like a relocation to put things into sharp focus, stress you out, exhilarate you, and make you cry – usually all of the above in the same hour. No doubt there will be a blog post or two to come on the subject, but suffice to say I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I love who all feel very far away right now. I know that this is perfectly normal and all things take time. Apart from a love affair with waving palm trees and blue, blue sea. Those things have been pretty instantaneous.
  • In my (very scarce) free moments over the last week I’ve been gobbling up Melyssa Griffin’s tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Melyssa – where have you been all my life? If you’d like to grow your business or blog, or are simply looking to learn something you didn’t know, go to her website, go, go now! I feel like I’ve only just touched the tip of an ice berg and am looking forward to spending hours on end devouring her blog posts and workbooks.
  • On my Kindle this week: A Hundred Summers, by Beatriz Williams. I’m reliably informed that I’m only 36% of the way through, but I’m loving drifting along with the characters through the Rhode Island summer of 1938. Handsome men, unrequited love, and a bit of a mystery have me a bit hooked so far – and I do love a book that pulls me in. A lovely summer read, and a New York Times best seller – so I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so.
  • While I’m sitting around reading my Kindle (or wishing I was!), I have a friend (whose amazing mum is a cancer survivor) training hard for a wonderful cause: Le Cure de France. This brutal charity bike ride climbs over 11,000m in four days through the French Alps, and all for one purpose – to fund research fellowships to find the cure for cancer. Go Louise Malone!

Happy weekend!


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