A Body in Balance

  • 02 June, 2016
A Body in Balance

It was a rainy and miserable Sunday morning last weekend and I escaped the house as bread flour began clouding the air (thanks to an Annabel-and-Daddy-shaped project involving baking baguette for the fairies), and headed smugly down to my local gym for what looked like a work-out (in my quest to kick those last 2kg of baby weight), but is secretly my favourite bit of oh-so-rare me-time of the week. My Body Balance class.

How do I love Body Balance? Let me count the ways…

I discovered Les Mills Body Balance back in my busy working-girl London days, and it was true love from the very first class. Body Balance is a yoga-based class involving a mixture of Tai Chi (to warm up and centre the mind), Yoga and Pilates. It is set to music currently in the charts, not the chiming bells or deafening silence that have for years put me off yoga classes everywhere (sorry Yogis – I admire you deeply – I’ve just never been able to get with your tribe, much as I’ve wanted to). It stretches you and relaxes you and makes you sweat and work muscles you didn’t know you had – and it makes you happy while you’re doing it. It’s a mood lifting, mind calming, stress-busting, just-plain-wonderful way to spend 60 minutes (or 55, if you skip the meditation at the end – but why would you ever?!).

If you live in the UK, USA, Republic of Ireland or Scandinavia you can access On Demand classes online and work out any time that suits you (you lucky fishes). If not, lots of gyms all around the world offer them (Virgin Active among others) – use the “Find a class” tool on the Les Mills website.

Body Balance, my pre-baby jeans thank you. And so do I.


Pics from lesmillstribe on Instagram.

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