Christmas craftiness

  • 16 December, 2016
Christmas craftiness

The tree is up, Michael Buble is crooning his Christmas ditties in the background, and despite the fact that the weather outside is not in fact frightful (it’s a Bahamas Christmas this year), I’m starting to feel a little bit festive.

The Christmas school holidays are about to descend upon us, if they haven’t already, so I’ve been thinking about things to do with the little ones that might keep them occupied in the run-up to Santa’s arrival, as well as provide a few festive trinkets to scatter around the house.

Qualifying fact: I am not crafty. I can barely sew on a button, and for me baked goods flop as often as not. I’m also not patient, and start to feel a strangled sort of panic when I think about little hands combined with glue and glitter… But my almost-four-year-old loves to make things, so, with the help of Pinterest and my terribly clever neighbour (who, yes, is crafty), I’ve put together a list of Christmas crafts that I think I can just about manage. And if I can, it’s safe to say anybody can.

Salt dough ornaments

This one has been a revelation this year. I’d never attempted salt dough ornaments before but doing it is super simple, and with a minimal amount of fuss we have sweet, home made decorations for our tree. They’re especially great if you live by the sea and/or have a summer Christmas. I love that I’ve finally found a use for our collection of shells and miscellaneous bits of sea glass.

I also wanted to record the girls’ first Christmas in the Bahamas with the hand and foot prints – here’s where I got the idea.

The recipe I used: 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 a cup water.

Ice cream cone Christmas trees

Waffle cones, green frosting, whatever sweets and chocolates you want as “ornaments”, and voila, you have an hour well (read: quietly) spent. Annabel loved making these with her little friends so much that it was worth the sugar high that followed.

Scrap ribbon tree ornament

ribbon-scrap-christmas-treeI have to confess – this one is for me more than the kids. I love it! So pretty and sweet, and what a good idea to use up those little scraps of ribbon that are too short to tie around the gifts. Super simple to make and it looks so cute on the tree!

Hand and foot print canvases

I have a friend who makes hand and foot print canvases with her boys every holiday season. Such a sweet idea, and wonderful keepsakes for years to come.

Hand made Christmas card


Oh, I love this idea (spotted this one on Pinterest from! We haven’t made Christmas cards this year (or bought… oops…), but we will be trying this during the school holidays next week. I love the simplicity. You could just use old magazine tear outs, or you could type up Bible verses, Christmas carol lyrics, or poetry clips that are especially meaningful. Cute!

Happy holidays everyone!

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